Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Dog Obedience Training - Top Tips!

When taking your puppy home, one of the things you need to begin is obedience training. Although this may seem like a tedious process, it will definitely pay off when you have a very well behaved puppy. Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult dog, obedience training is a good way to have successful communication with you and your dog. Although it won't always satisfy all of your dog's behavioral problems, it can take care of quite a bit of it.

Clear and concise communication between you and your dog is the key to beginning obedience training. One word commands tend to help the dog understand exactly what it is supposed to do the moment you say the command. For instance, when you say "sit", the dog begins to understand that when you say that he is supposed to put his bottom on the ground with his front legs still up straight. Remember when you are training your dog, you need to be very sure of the command you are giving your dog and reward the puppy only when they have successfully accomplished the "trick".

Dogs are social creatures and they love being around other dogs and their owners. If you don't train your dog well, then you risk your dog destroying your furniture while waiting for you to come home. Also remember that with your training you must also play with the puppy. All dogs require some type of play time with their owner. It helps the dog to feel loved and appreciated by the owner.

Repetitiveness is also a very important factor when training your dog. For the puppy, it's just like riding a bike; the more you do it, the better at it you are. Giving the dog a puppy treat is also a big motivator for the dog. Every time the dog accomplishes the action you commanded it to do, you should give the puppy a treat. The puppy will begin to associate hearing the different words with a treat and will do the commands you give it even without a treat.

Obedience training is an ongoing process, and you must continue to repeat the training, so that the dog never forgets what each of the different commands means. Dogs often think of the family as a pack. By going through obedience training with your dog, it helps to establish dominance in the group. You always need to establish the alpha males of the house. If you don't do this, you can often have the dog overpowering other members of the family if you don't set everything forward from the beginning.

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